bush craft course


Available roadside, March to July

Google map > Goldstones Farm, Radwinter Road, Ashdon, Essex, CB10 2LZ
Please call if out of season.

Local delivery

At cost possible, please call 07971 642243 to check availability.

Professional advice or practical help

Please contact me if you require professional advice or practical help with creating any ‘in situ’ garden rustic work, such as arches, tunnels, continuous hurdle fences. I have an extensive library of designs and photos of previous projects to view.

Andy Basham

Coppice Craftsman and Designer

Web www.coppicedesigns.co.uk

Email info@coppicedesigns.co.uk

Rustic Workshop (by appointment only), Goldstones Farm, Radwinter Road, Ashdon, Essex CB10 2LZ


Item Description Quantity Price


Small, medium, large, pointed, 6-8ft 12 £12-£15


Twiggy fans, Small, medium, large, 3-6ft 12 £3-£7

Faggot bundles

Riverbank restoration, 2m x 300mm (discount for trade quantities)   £12

Faggot stakes

Min 50mm across top, straight, pointed, 3-5ft   £1-1.50

Hedge stakes

Max 50mm across top, straight, 3-5ft 10 £10.00

Hedging binders

20-30mm thick, approx 12-16ft (also great for gypsy style 'benders') 10 £15

Hurdle uprights

Straight, whole stakes, 8-12ft 40mm max, not pointed 1 £1.50

Kids shelter or nest building materials

Large bundle of brushwood Bundle £5

Kids teepee poles

Peeled willow, 5-7ft 5 £3-£5

Linen or orchard tree props

Pointed ends, forked tops   £5

Long net rabbit stakes

Straight and pointed , 3ft x 15mm 1 £0.50

‘Live’ Willow

Salix viminalis, for garden sculpture, arches, bowers etc 10 £15


Poles, min 1” at butt, approx 12ft+ 20 £15


Ungraded large bundles, weaving willow Bundle £15

Pergola poles

Straight’ish poles for garden structures, 2” Diameter 1ft run £0.35


As above with 3” Diameter 1ft run £0.45

Plant stakes

For tomatoes, dahlias etc, pointed, 3 - 5ft 20 £5-£9

Spar gads

Please enquire    

Straw bale stakes

Pointed, 1.3m x 30/35mm approx 1 £1.25

Walking stick blanks

Green, as cut (seasoned available)   £2

Twisted sticks

‘Twistie’ sticks, corkscrew effect naturally distorted, for decoration 1 £1-£10

Rustic Hazel

Amazing bent and forked shapes, all you can carry bundles   £10

Weaving rods

20mm thick, 8-15ft 20 £25

Yurt poles

2m 35/40mm straight’ish   £1
  As above peeled to order   £2