Garden arch installations (see right)

As garden arches go, our hazel trellis arch can't be beaten. A Coppice Design garden arch is a beautiful addition - a rose arch over a rustic gate perhaps... or why not consider a longer tunnel? Imagine the magic and mystery of a green tunnel dripping with your favourite climbers.


In situ continuous fencing installations; privacy fencing

Continuous willow fencing, woven in-situ. Any length or height, serpentine or straight this privacy fencing can hide a multitude of eyesores.

Living willow installations

Coppice Designs are here to discuss all your greenwood needs. A beautiful example below, built by Coppice Designs with Mr Graham North for the Natural History Museum all ready to grow. Early planning and booking is essential to avoid disappointment in the Spring rush.

hazel yurt, Natural History Museum


Woven whole hazel or willow rods around a choice of stakes including steel, to retain earth banks.

Prices from £5.00 per sq. ft.


Coppice Management

Traditional coppice management/restoration.

Professional advice for woodland owners, especially coppice history, species, situation, current condition, wildlife, management possibilities, future goals, usage, planning, marketing, skills, workforce contacts etc.

1 day visit including written report with management options from £250 (travel dependant). Practical advice from working woodsman, not an armchair conservationist with their head in the clouds!