handmade rake

Our greenwood products are handcrafted from coppice wood using traditional methods with wood lore woven within.

It's not a sweeping statement when we say if you buy a besom broom its beautiful, functional and long lasting (and a great addition to any Halloween party).

Our hand crafted greenwood chairs make a beautiful feature in any room, conservatory or simply in the garden. Contact us to discuss a design or consider making your own on our one of our courses. These hazel wood thrones are a real focal point wherever they resides.

Garden trellis, plant trellis, wood trellis, hazel - call it what you will Coppice Store has a wide range (and we won't lead you up the garden path).

Continuous hurdle fences make a sturdy alternative to willow hurdles, a beautiful feature for a garden or secondary school - lets face it, anywhere.

Whether for your allotment or home vegetable plot our pea sticks will support plants until harvest or flower. Pea sticks are available in a range of heights and thickness appropriate for different uses. Regents Park stake their delphiniums with my large pea sticks.

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Want to make trellis or a chair for your garden? See our greenwood courses.






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Rustic chairs and benches


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Coppice wood thrones - chair made to order or why not sign up for one of our chair making courses and make your own?

hazel thronehazel chairash chairshazel throne

Living willow chairs and benches

Willow chairs and benches to plant. With full planting and aftercare instructions. In 3 designs: Gypsy hoops; Gothic trellis and leaf

Why not sign up for one of our living chair making courses and make one for yourself?

willow chairwillow bench


Garden trellis, plant trellis, wood trellis

Rustic trellis to support your climbers, or plant trellis for those in need of a little extra help. Our wood trellis products are strong, durable and beautiful.

hazel trellis

Garden structures

Including hazel arches, hazel obelisks, hazel tunnels, hazel wigwams, hazel gypsy benders/domes, teepees etc.

hazel archhazel obeliskhazel tunnelhazel yurt, Natural History Museum

Hazel or willow hurdling

Woven in situ, the meaty brother of the humble hurdle. Hurdle fencing is great for hiding eyesores and a work of art. Border edging; in-situ continuous serpentine hazel fencing; in-situ continuous straight hazel fencing; riverbank restoration, revetment; hazel or willow faggot and stake. We do willow hurdles too in a tighter weave for longevity. In fact our hurdles are so well made and use so much material we don't try to compete with imported flimsy hurdles which are built down to a price. Ours are a work of 'craft' and made up to a high standard. We believe firmly, 'you get what you pay for'!

woven hazel border edgehazel hurdlehazel serpentine in-situ fencewoven hazel river edgingwillow hurdle

Continuous fencing from £3.50 per square foot

Hurdles (6' long)
- 6' high £100

- 5' high £90

- 4' high £80

- 3' high £70


Functional and yet beautiful. We make both all wood hay or 'gathering' rakes or metal toothed 'cultivating' rakes, different sizes to suit your build. Come and choose one from our range (by appointment).

rakehazel rake, metal tinehazel rakebow rake

From £15 - £35 depending on style and size



Traditional besom broom. Hazel broom handle with birch broom.

besom broombesom broombesom broom
Full size adult £25.00

Delivery £15.00

Thatching spars

Thatching spars, helping to keep you cosy. Minimum or 200 sharpened hazel.

Walking sticks

A huge range of finished sticks, also unfinished 'blanks', for the amateur or professional stick carver/maker. See A1 sticks for information and price list.



Due to the wide range of products, please email for a quote.


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Pea sticks and bean poles

Hazel pea sticks for all your tendril needs, in a wide variety of heights and thicknesses.
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hazel pea stickshazel pea sticks

Faggots: hazel brushwood and pointed stakes

Faggots, mainly for riverbank restoration/protection made from hazel brushwood, compressed by a device to create a high quality 'dense' faggot. £12.00 each retail. Live/fresh willow faggots and stakes also available.


Scout Staves or Staffs

In bundles of ten, for Pioneering, hiking, vaulting over obstacles, erecting shelters and camps, creating rafts,bridges, stretchers etc etc. Click here for more.


pointed stakes


Hedge stakes and binders:

Hedging binders: 10 for £15, rustic hazel £12.50, weaving rods £20


Live willow poles

For sculpture, arches etc.


Rustic bundles and thick poles


Morris dancing staves


Straw bale stakes


Yurt poles, gypsy benders